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  • One day install
  • 100% grout-free
  • Can be installed directly onto framework.
  • Minimal on-going maintenance.
  • Reduces risk of remedial costs.
  • Compliant to both Australian and New Zealand building codes.
  • Up to 25% cheaper than tiling.
  • 4x faster than tiling.
The 1 Week Reno Product

Spapanel is 4x faster to install than traditional tiling and can be installed in just 1-day. The rest of the bathroom is then fully completed by the end of the week, allowing you to have your bathroom back significantly faster.

One product, One trade; Spapanel is a 3-in-1 product and solution, that requires one trade to install. Less people on the jobsite with less mess.

Unlike tiles Spapanel also comes with a warranty. An impressive 15 year product warranty !

No grout and no mess, with much quicker installation. Spapanels are sealed at the corners and ends with aluminium profiles. Joints are seamlessly connected with our unique Hydrolock system to ensure a flush and waterproof finish.

Spapanel is constructed with a hardwood waterproof plywood core, bonded with a high pressure decorative laminate to face and a plain white balancing laminate to rear.

Cutting labour times and costs, Spapanel is suitable for new build or refurbishment projects and does not require specialist fitting. With 45 laminate finishes, Spapanel can be used in commercial environments such as residential apartments, changing rooms, hospitals, hotels and holiday parks, as well as domestic bathrooms, shower enclosures and kitchens.

The Spapanel Wall Lining System if installed and used in accordance with our published guidelines can remove the need for fibre cement backing boards and full height waterproof membranes, making Spapanel a 3-in-1 solution.

Spapanel Wall Lining System meets the waterproof requirements of AS3740

No Joining Strips with 'Hydrolock'

Spapanel is manufactured with our precisely engineered Hydrolock edge detail to create an extremely tight and aesthetically pleasing finish, removing the need for traditional joint strips or "H-joints".

Tested by BRANZ using 3000 wetting and drying cycles in a spray chamber to confirm that the Hydrolock joint remains water resistant for a minimum of 15 years.