Studio Urbo commissioned a design and fit out to a high-end architectural standard. Spapanel was installed in 3 bathrooms in under 2 days. Using conventional tiling methods this would have taken weeks.

The home owner was impressed and happy that Spapanel provided a modern and fresh look to her bathrooms, and she is now enjoying the low ongoing maintenance the panels offer.

Tasks carried out
Studio Urbo was comissioned to design and fit out 3 bathrooms to a high architectural standard.
Studio Urbo sourced Spapanel for its modern appearance and high quality, but also its speed and ease of install.
To fit out these 3 full bathrooms in traditional tile would have taken weeks. The Spapanel install was completed in just under 2 days for all 3 bathrooms and unlike tiles which need several days to dry before you can use the area, Spapanel is ready within 12 hours after install.