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Installation of Spapanel is fast and easy and can be done by competent DIYers or tradies.

Go to our Downloads page to download our Installation Instructions.

Or you can view our Spapanel install video on our Youtube channel here:

The costs of Tiles installed will vary. It has several variables so it is impossible to know the exact costs of tiles. However the cost of Spapanel will always be highly competitive against medium to high end tiles.

Spapanel is also an overall wall lining solution which is smarter, faster, easier to install with significant lifecycle cost savings.

See the following blog for more information and examples spapanel-vs-tiles-what-is-cheaper

Spapanel can be installed in just 1-day.

Spapanel can be installed directly to framework and removes the requirement for fibre-cement sheeting and waterproofing.

Home owners have bathrooms back in use quickly. No need to for a temporary pop-up bathroom. Reduces stress and inconvenience.

Businesses can Increase room occupancy rates by having rooms completed faster with less downtime. Saving and making you money!

Increase hotel room occupency rates by having rooms completed faster with less

The standard Spapanel size is 2400mm by 1200mm. A limited selection of colours are also available in 2700mm by 1200mm. We can also supply custom sizes for high volume orders. Click to view our colour options.

Spapanel consists of a high pressure decorative laminate, bonded onto waterproof birch plywood. A plain white balancing laminate is used on the rear. The finished thickness of Spapanel is 11mm.

Spapanel is manufactured in the UK. Where it has been successfully used and sold since 2003.

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Spapanel is purchased through Spapanel distributors.

Spapanel has been independantly Appraised by BRANZ as a waterproofing alternative solution to Building Code AS 3740-2014 for use in Wet Areas in both Australia & New Zealand. A copy of our BRANZ AppraIsals can be viewed and downloaded from our downloads page.

Spapanel can be used on any internal wall of the building; and is the ideal solution for high wet areas. Spapanel has not been tested for use outside and should not be used on the floor.

Spapanel can be installed directly to metal or wooden framework without first needing to install fibre-cement or waterproof membranes. Saving considerable labour time and material costs. Read more on how Spapanel is a 3-in-1 solution.

If you feel competent or know a competent DIYer then Spapanel is easy to install, as long as the Installation Instructions are followed.
If you would prefer to use Spapanel Installers then please contact your Spapanel distributor.

45, Click to to view the full colour ranges and options.

Spapanel comes with a 15 Year Warranty. This can be download from our Downloads page.

Spapanel can be installed without the use of a shower base, for example if a tiled wetroom style floor has been install. Silicone the joint of the panel against the other surface with our recommended silicone sealant.

You have the following options:

1. Cap-off the top of the panels using our Type C End Cap and then use paint.

2. Use our Type D Mid-Joint Profile to add and connect panels together.

3. Use a Picture-Frame profile (not available from Spapanel)

For an example where option 1 has been done, see our Instagram Photo Gallery

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If you are interested in becoming a registered Spapanel installer, please contact us

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