The very first bathroom in the USA to be completed, in just one day by a first-time user of the product.

Where tiling would have taken 3 days, Spapanel took just 1. This allows installers to triple their income by completing 3 Spapanel jobs against 1 tiling job.

This also means that hotel and home owners get their bathrooms back quickly, hotels can hire rooms back out sooner and home owners have less inconvenience. Both then have the on-going future benefits of ultra-low maintenance and cleaning.

its a win-win for all....

Tasks carried out
Complete refurbishment of a private residential property bathroom.
The bath area was completely refitted with Spapanel.
The install was completed in under 1 day by a professional plumber who had never used the Spapanel product or anything similar before. He estimated that a normal tile refit in this space would have taken 3 days. Spapanel was installed in less than a day and ready to use straight away, no waiting for grout to dry etc. The customer benefited from his bathroom only being out of action for 1 day and not 3 days, he will also benefit from time saving cleaning Spapanel moving forward.