Maribyrnong Aquatic Centre in Melbourne. There is nothing like the searing heat of a steam room or sauna to flush away your worries, relax your muscles and release toxins. However the nature of these environments are also hard on products, the moisture and water over a sustained period can leave products with unsightly marks, mould and discolouration. Spapanel is BRANZ certified, confiming the Hydrolock joint remains water resistant for a minimum of 15 years. The surface is also easy to clean and will contiune to look like new for the life of the product.

Tasks carried out
Full refurbishment of the walls surrounding the Spa Pools in this busy Aquatic Centre
Spapanel was selected to ensure Spa downtime was kept to a minium, it was cost effective and still gives that customer wow factor.
Spapanel gives the Spa a high class quality appearance, waterproof qualities and will continue to look fresh for years to come.