When it was announced that the Olympic games were to be held in England in the summer of 2012 the German National Olympic Committee chose to book out the Museum of London to host Deutsches Haus as their official base. With the German athletes staying in the newly developed Olympic Village a place for all their backroom staff was required as their base for their Medics, Doctors, Masseurs, TV and PR representatives to name but a few.

Tasks carried out
All 13 washrooms were in need of a make-over and a renovation. Hansgrohe the German suppliers of Premium mixers for showers, bathtubs, washbasins and kitchens have been appointed such a task.
The decision to install Spapanel was the right choice as the ease and speed on installation is far superior to having to re-tile. With the added benefit of ultra low maintenance the Museum with feel the benefit for years to come.
Deutsches Haus, the base of the German National Olympic is the largest ever corporate hire for the Museum of London.The museum of London Docklands will close from 9 July to 16 September to host Deutsches Haus, Team. For a limited time, visitors will be welcomed at fan fest, a celebration of german sport and culture.
Quote / Testimonial
"The Museum of London is the ideal venue for our first ever WUOC House-Maison UMVO. On one hand the Museum of London is a high quality, versatile venue in an ideal location. On the other hand there is nowhere more fitting to celebrate the Olympic legacy for host cities."
Mayor Daniel Brélaz, President of WUOC (World Union of Olympic Cities )