This bathroom refurbishment was installed by the owner himself, installing Spapanel in his Byron Bay holiday rental property.

As a competent DIYer he saved significantly overall with no tradespersons costs to include. He enjoyed the speed and ease of installation process with no specalist tools required for install.

The finished room provided a new fresh look, which allowed him to increase the rental price. Low on-going maintenance is perfect to rental properties/bathrooms to holiday makers and it saves significantly on cleaning time and costs.

Tasks carried out
Complete refurbishment of a holiday rental property by the owner himself.
The bathroom and shower area was completely refitted with Spapanel SIlver Grey Granite.
The customer is a competent DIYer and completed the full Spapanel install himself. No specialist tools were required. The completion of the bathroom in his holiday rental has allowed him to increase the rental value and save in time and cleaning costs. Spapanel will keep his bathroom looking fresh for many years and lots of happy customers.